Case Studies

For over 16 years we have worked with young people with Special Educational Needs, and for the last 4 years we have provided targeted mental health interventions for children in educational settings with mild to moderate mental health and emotional well-being issues.

The Warwickshire Integrated Disability Service Autism Team

A 14 CYP was referred to us through WCC’s Flexible Learning Team.  The CYP was suicidal and struggling with their gender identity and medication.  The CYP was not attending school as they had totally disengaged.  The CYP was with us for 2 days per week, 3 hours per day.


We provided a safe place where they would experience no discrimination and be able to express their creativity.  At first mum was present at every session but as their confidence grew, mum was able to leave.

They could play the guitar but had no real knowledge of music technology.  Through conversations we recognised a desire in the CYP to compose music. We were able to  mentor the CYP and teach them all the necessary skills.

We worked at an appropriate pace and provided learning points in a bespoke way.  During the time with us they gained the knowledge of how to make creative decisions and research different skills and techniques. There was clear progression in their functional skills through songwriting in regards to Maths, English and ICT.


We also helped them build their confidence and build a professional portfolio and work towards their Gold Arts Award.

All this ultimately led to being awarded a full scholarship (all tuition fees paid for) from the band Royal Blood to study music and performance at university.

Parent Feedback

‘You both invested a lot of time and effort in their education and they learnt a great deal at One Nation studios. You offered them a space to be creative, even if it required lying down in a dark room afterwards to recover from the speed of their playing! James, I was always impressed that you never flinched when they arrived at the studio and told you to delete everything they’d recorded the week before, only to start on another idea which might also be left on the cutting room floor.  Thank you both for your dedication.’

Bringing young people into a professional environment has proven to be very effective in inspiring young people. It has yielded very transformative results. Doing real work with tangible objectives and producing good quality media products.

MHISC Framework

A 10 year old was referred through early help. Their parents had separated, they had historically witnessed domestic violence and there was a previous conflict over custody where the siblings were separated for 3 months. 

Prior to the referal the CYP had disengaged with their learning and school, refusing to go into class or work in the year 4 area.  The CYP was disrupting other children’s learning and could be aggressive with their peers.  The CYP was often reluctant to leave their mother in the mornings especially if they had spent the weekend with their Father.  The CYP appeared low and unable to be positive about themself.  The mother struggled to get CYP into school and the CYP was at risk of permanent exclusion.


We offered 10 weeks of engagement and building confidence through exploring sounds, musical instruments and learning how to produce music.

Feedback from One Nation on the child’s engagement and how we met their needs.
The CYP engaged really well and explored learning drumming, percussion and making dance music. I have attached the tracks he did by bouncing conkers on drums, his percussion ensemble and his dance music track which he put together and drummed to. His school is going to continue helping him learn drums and I believe his confidence levels were increased each session as he saw himself achieving things.

I have attached his outcome rating scales and session review scores that were 9 and 10 out of 10.

When he first started, he was being bothered about what he described as mean kids but as his confidence grew and we talked about him not reacting to them this issue subsided.’

Feedback from School Early Help Lead Professional

‘Thank you for the sessions. It really has had a positive impact on his engagement in school. I have used the photos, videos and recordings to create a presentation for him to share with his class and he is really proud of what has been achieved.’

SENDCO Primary School 

We enable young people to work with a team that have continual real life experiences within the field of media. This creates an authentic environment that captures the imagination and encourages young people to express themselves.