Why use us

Over the past ten years we have worked with professional musicians and creative artists as well as working with young people with Special Education Needs. The balance of both working in the world of media and bringing young people into it, has proven to be very effective in inspiring young people. It has yielded very transformative results.

We have found that young people respond to a professional environment and doing real work with tangible objectives and producing good quality media products. We enable young people to work with tutors that have continual real life experiences within the field of media. This creates an authentic environment that captures the imagination and encourages young people to express themselves. This is a very important ingredient in the work we do.

The Warwickshire Integrated Disability Service Autism Team started to use One Nation Studio a year ago for a 16 year old young man who had not been able to attend school due to his autism. The work that James and John have delivered through their expertise in music and media production has made a profound difference to his life. He has achieved a great deal in terms of music production but the impact goes much deeper than that. They have been able to work in a more therapeutic way to re-build his confidence and self esteem. His social skills have improved to such an extent that he has recently completed a very successful work placement in a store in the town.
Following from that success we have also used One Nation for two other students who have marked difficulties that prohibit them from accessing education. Once again we have witnessed a real breakthrough in their ability to engage with the learning experience and transfer that into other aspects of their lives.
As a team we fully intend to maintain our commissioning with One Nation Studio. The team there are skilled, resourceful, and flexible. They have been absolutely reliable and they have made a difference to the lives of young people with autism.

Lynda Lowe
Autism Team Manager